Our Winter Shipping Program

At YEG Exotic Plant Crowd, we are proud to offer one of the only unparalleled winter shipping programs for live exotic plants in the northern hemisphere of North America.

Winter Shipping Program - YEG Exotic Plant Crowd

We utilize only the heaviest and thickest insulated industrial grade shipping boxes, live animal standard rated heat packs, and the best packaging available for purchase to ensure your plants are safe and secure.

Our promise to ship in conditions as low as minus 30 degrees Celsius is not a fairy tale, but a promise of being a leader in the provider of rare and exotic plants in the industry.

All winter shipping kits start at a surcharge of $15.00. If additional heat packs and/or resources are needed, we will advise you prior to your order departing. We take winter shipping very seriously as we know the value of your investment when you acquire a rare exotic tropical plant. No room is left for error.

All sales are final. No cancels or refunds are permitted. No warranties or refunds are permitted once the plant is not in our possession. Shipping, delivery, and pickup is always at buyer's risk and expense only.

All sales are bound by our terms and conditions.

We only ship within Canada. We do not ship internationally or to the United States of America.