About Us

We are YEG Exotic Plant Crowd, a group of hobbyists all over North America. Our belief is a simple and fundamental one - rely on propagation and sustainable inventory development without causing harm to our world.

John Benesch - Director & Owner of YEG Exotic Plant Crowd

Our main base of operations is privately run by hobbyists based in Edmonton, Alberta. We are just like you. We love plants, and we love to share our love of the hobby with everyone.

Our partner hobbyists work together all over the continent to bring you premium plants for your collections. The vision of YEG Exotic Plant Crowd is to be different from every plant store out there with the product we offer, but most importantly, the customer experience and responses you deserve.

Furthermore, we do not sell any tissue culture plants. All of our plants are grown or propagated by natural means only. All original plants sourced from 3rd party and/or oversea sources are required to demonstrate proof they are not participating in any poaching or deforestation effects on the environment.

Our offerings are unlike what you will find locally here in Western Canada and take an immense amount of pride offering a pest free guarantee on all of our plants.

Thank you for being with us. All sales are final and non-refundable. Only a credit will ever be issued in the event a plant experience damage caused while in our care. 

All sales are bound by our terms and conditions.

We only ship within Canada. We do not ship internationally or to the United States of America.